The Pixel Graveyard (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

An archive of pixel bases from sites long gone

Welcome to the Pixel Graveyard, I am your humble Archivist. The purpose of this site to archive various pixel doll bases from sites that are now dead and cannot be accessed through regular means.

For a basic summary of what dollz (or simply 'dolls') are, Wikipedia has you covered.

Let me be upfront: I am breaking so many 'Terms of Use's by reposting these bases. However, I will not be reposting bases from sites that are still up (as rare as that is these days), merely from sites that can at best be viewed via the Wayback Machine, which is where I got most of these bases.

This page was inspired by Bunnystick's Dead Bases section, which also contains bases from dead dolling sites (please note that the site hasn't been updated since 2012).

Below you will find download links sorted by site name. Each file, archived in compressed 7z format, for the most part contains a .txt file with the site rules and the Wayback Machine URL (a few might not, because I was dumb and forgot to get those, or I wasn't able to find the rules on the Wayback Machine). Some files will contain things like props, patterns, tutorials (though not always in English), and edits submitted by other artists (which I think should be marked as such by the file name, though I'm not 100% sure).

The rules for this archive are simple: please, please give credit to the original artists. The only credit I deserve is posting the bases, I had nothing to do with the art. Also link back to both this page and the Wayback Machine URL of the original site (if included). Other than that, please follow the rest of the artist's Terms of Use.

If you are an artist that is included here, do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to have your work removed.

To contact me, like for the aforementioned reasons or to add to the archive, please email me at

Downloads hosted on Mediafire, as Neocities does not allow compressed files like 7z for free users, and I'm not exactly made of money for the Supporter account.